Best 80 Ball Bingo Online in Australia

We’ve created guidelines to every form of online Australian Bingo available today, and strongly encourage you to look through them all. The different games are best for different situations, so take time to learn about each of them. For the days when 75 balls bingo seem to few but 90 balls bingo makes things a little too long, 80 Ball Bingo is perfect. You can pre purchase your tickets as well, so you can enjoy every winning opportunity even when your day is incredibly busy. To learn more about the game that has filled a real niche in the Bingo world, read on below.

Cards for the 80 ball game of Bingo are made up of a 4 x 4 grid of sixteen squares. Each column is a different colour, usually red, yellow, blue and silver. The Red column contains four numbers ranging from one to twenty; the Yellow column from twenty one to forty; the Blue column contains four numbers from forty one to sixty and the Silver column from sixty one to eighty.

Traditionally balls with numbers from one to eighty are drawn and announced by the Bingo Caller, and you then daub the corresponding square if it appears on your card. If, for example, a red seven is called, you’ll daub the seven in the red column if it appears on your card. This is reproduced at online Australian Bingo sites using Random Number Generation, and you can daub the numbers by clicking on them with your mouse or putting the auto daubing feature on.

Your card appears in a pop up window along with a live chat space, a tote board showing the numbers that have already been called and the required pattern your daubs must make on the card. The winner is the first person to do this, and when you’ve made the pattern you get to click the Bingo button. Patterns differ across sites but the most common are the following:

  • Full House, where every card must be daubed.
  • Centre Square where the middle four squares must be daubed.
  • Big X where two diagonal lines must be formed.
  • Other vertical, diagonal and horizontal bingo patterns.

The prizes you can win are usually determined by how many other players have bought into the game, and how many cards they have bought. The game is exciting enough just as it is, but some of the sites we review link the 80 ball game to progressive jackpots as well. These increase their prize pools every time they are played, and the rewards can be literally jaw dropping. You can also find guaranteed pot games when playing with eighty balls. Their cards are more expensive, but they do mean that your payout will always be worth your time.

TOP 80 ball BINGO SITESSeptember 2021
RankBingo SiteAURatingBonusPlay
1 IE allowed5/510 Free spins + $25 AUD Free Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/51000% Match bonus Play now
3 IE allowed4.8/5$30 AUD Free Play now
4 IE allowed4.7/5100% Match bonus Play now

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The popularity of 80 Ball Bingo keeps growing, and once you’ve played it yourself you’ll see why. IT bridges the gap between 75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo perfectly. When you feel like something a little different or are short on time, try this game at your favourite Australian online Bingo sites. You’ll be just as entertained and rewarded as when playing any other Bingo games.