Top 5 Best  Bingo Australia Sites

Bingo or as so many Australians affectionately call it, “Housie”, has a special place in many a heart. This exciting game of bingo has come a long way since the days when it was played in social and the online bingo version is fresh, fun, funky and often very rewarding, especially when you play bingo for real money. Innovative online Bingo in Australia is on offer at several Bingo sites that welcome Australians and here at, we bring you the very best Aussie bingo sites, bingo bonuses, and promotions in our top list of bingo sites online. 

TOP Australian Online Bingo Rooms

Part of  Australia bingo’s universal appeal is that it is a very social, interactive game. For Australians wanting to enjoy this element, combined with the chance to win big, the Bingo sites we’ve endorsed are simply perfect. Yes, you can play bingo for fun, but you can also play bingo for real money. You can join an online Bingo Australia community and engage in chat games led by a friendly CM. You can even play live online bingo games all from the comfort of your own home, enjoying the same level of social interaction whenever you choose. The vast array of online bingo Australia has on offer in various formats, themes and styles ensures that you’ll always find a game of bingo in Australia to play for fun or real money. And once you start meeting like-minded bingo players, you’ll fast find yourself among friends in the bingo community.

The bingo Australia sites that we recommend suit both new and experienced bingo players and every game is of impeccable quality. The variety of bingo games will take your breath away. The brilliant graphics and exciting formats are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as each new bingo number is revealed. 

Powered by leading online software gaming brands, the online bingo Australia entertainment you’ll enjoy runs flawlessly on mobile or desktop. You can even enjoy several online bingo games at the same time, increasing your chances of being a winner. Mobile Bingo is also available and you can use your iPhone, iPad or Android to access the great variety of online Bingo games on offer on the go.

How to Play Bingo

Do you want to learn how to play bingo for real money or fun? If you really want to learn how to play the bingo Australia has on offer, or just want to have some fun there are many bingo games that will keep you entertained for hours. One of the many aspects that have contributed to how popular Bingo is the world over is that its rules and instructions are so easy to learn. In a nutshell, you purchase cards featuring certain numbers in a specific layout. While you would have to listen to the caller announcing numbers as they are drawn during land-based games, when you play online, the software automatically marks off the wins for you when your numbers are selected. It's that simple.

Prizes vary from game to game when you play bingo in Australia, but players are usually awarded for completing certain patterns on cards by crossing out drawn numbers.

Winning Card Patterns

The requirements for winning an Australian Bingo online game change, depending on a few factors. For example, some games may need you to just fill a single line, while others will need you to cover your whole card or create a certain pattern. Bear in mind that you could also win money if the online Bingo in Australia game you’re playing has a special prize for specific patterns. So, if your numbers get drawn and you manage to mark out this pattern, you may not win the game itself but you could win some extra cash. There are often mini-games that happened during the breaks in Bingo, with cash up for grabs, so pay attention. 

The rules for whatever Australian online Bingo game you’re playing will detail what’s required for you to win. Popular winning patterns include Diagonals, Outside Diamonds, Postage Stamps, Straight Lines Across, and Straight Lines Down.

#1 Online Bingo Room in AU for July 2024
Bingo Village
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Real Vs Free Bingo

Free online Bingo in Australia games are amazing when you want to just pay for fun. Maybe you want to check out what a game has to offer before you start betting real money. But there’s nothing like real money wagers when it comes to getting your adrenaline pumping. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each approach:

Real Money Bingo Advantages and Drawbacks

It’s possible to take home pretty significant sums of money when you play real money Australian online Bingo. This adds a lot of excitement to games.
Real money betting means you’re able to access free online Bingo in Australia, loyalty rewards, free spins on pokies in some cases, Welcome Bonuses, and other lucrative promotions. 
Payouts aren’t made immediately. You’ll have to take the withdrawal timeframes for different banking methods into account when you want to access your winnings. 
Unless you stick to your budget, you stand to lose big sums of money. You need to commit to playing responsibly at all times. 

Free Bingo Benefits and Disadvantages 

You usually don’t have to register for a new player account if you want to just play free games.
Accessing games this way means that you can double-check that the online Bingo in Australia game in question is to your liking before you put any money down.
You can stay 100% anonymous when you play free Bingo games. You won’t have to share any personal details.
You won’t qualify for any online Bingo bonuses or other types of rewards.
You don’t get to keep any of the winnings, either. This can be quite frustrating if you manage to hit one of the Australian online Bingo jackpots!

Types of Bingo - 75/80/90 Balls

For Australians wanting to enjoy Bingo for real money, the options are almost unlimited. And making a deposit at the online Bingo in Australia sites we recommend is simple and straightforward. Reputable, trustworthy banking options ensure that your AUD will always be kept safe and transactions are conducted via secure channels.

Bingo fans will know that the 2 most popular types of online Bingo are 75-Ball Bingo and 90-Ball. But at the sites we recommend you can also enjoy 80-Ball games, Progressive Bingo and more. Every site we suggest has a clearly explained Bingo schedule, and with online games optimised for play on mobile, you never have to miss out on the action on offer.

The most popular online Bingo in Australia variations include:

90-Ball Bingo

You’ll see 15 numbers on your 90-Ball Bingo ticket, arranged in a 9X3 grid. There’s a prize for marking off 1 line, 2 lines, and all the numbers on your card.

80-Ball Bingo

The newest variation, 80-Ball Bingo game tickets have 16 numbers in a 4X4 grid. Line wins are a feature, as are pattern wins.

75-Ball Bingo

Each 75-Ball Bingo ticket as 5 horizontal lines and 5 columns, each headed by a letter spelling BINGO. Line wins are also a feature in this variant, as is a Coverall, and there are prizes for creating specific patterns.

There is a much bigger variety of games in the online Bingo Australia format, and you won’t be limited to what’s on offer down at the local hall anymore. While almost all of the sites we recommend offer 90-ball variations, you’ll also frequently be able to choose from 30-, 50-, 75-, and 80-ball casino Bingo games too. Some operators have even started creating their own unique titles, and these will only be playable at one specific site.

Not only will you find an array of different online Bingo options to choose from, but most sites have other games added to their catalogues too. This means that you can usually enjoy real money casino table games and different pokies at the same site. Certain online Bingo in Australia operators have even created vast casino platforms that run alongside their Bingo offerings, so you can pick and choose a title according to your mood whenever you log in.

Land-Based VS Online Bingo

There is a long list of advantages when it comes to playing online Bingo these days, the main one being that you don’t even have to leave your house! You can easily take part from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to get dolled up enough to go out and meet the world. Whatever the weather’s doing, there will always be an online Bingo in Australia game happening. And you can even jump online in your pyjamas if you want to.

The fact that gaming on the go is as easy and safe as it is is also a huge drawcard. Thanks to massive advances in mobile technology, our smartphones and tablets can handle the demands of the latest software. This means you won’t have to deal with lags and delays on your device when you play these casino Bingo games. Many of the bigger branded sites have even got dedicated apps, which makes everything that much more straightforward.

There has been no compromise on the community aspect as it has been transferred to the online Bingo in Australia format, and you will still be able to chat and interact with like-minded people. Only now you’ll be able to do it with players from all over the world instead of only people who can make it to your town! The tradition of meeting up to chat, gossip, and make new friends has only grown online and you can engage for as long, or as short, as you like.

There are so many sites to choose from these days, even when you’re just viewing those we’ve reviewed thoroughly and rated honestly here. There are huge websites with many, many casino Bingo games on offer as well as smaller ones offering a more intimate experience. Whatever you are looking for, when it comes to online Bingo in Australia, you’re sure to find it.

Big online Bingo bonuses are also up for grabs. New players will be handsomely rewarded and regular players rewarded with some very alluring treats. Recurring bonuses, loyalty rewards and entry into other exciting competitions can all be expected. You’ll quickly find out just how rewarding Bingo online can be if you stick with our top picks!

Tips for Online Bingo

Join the club! And we’re not just talking about the ever-growing one for Australians who love playing Bingo. Most sites have Loyalty Programmes and VIP Clubs that provide members with special benefits. You’ll usually automatically be entered into these when you register, but make sure there’s no opt-in requirement. 
Bonuses can be incredibly profitable. They’re perfect for really ramping up your returns, so make sure you know where these are on the site and what you need to do to access them.
Slow down! As fantastic as getting all heated up is when you’re playing online Bingo Australia, resist the temptation to speed up an already fast-paced game. You are not in any danger of missing out on a match, so take time to chat to your fellow players and really enjoy yourself. 
Focus on play simpler games, especially when you’re just getting started. You may find that those with more complicated requirements are more of a challenge than a good time initially. 
Create a betting budget before you start playing real money games. This is our most important piece of advice! You need to wager only with money that won’t be missed if it’s lost. When you play this way, you’ll find you have zero stress, are not tempted to chase any losses, and are enjoying the game in front of you that much more. Decide how much you can spend daily, weekly, and monthly, and stick to your own rules. 
Stick to operators that are properly licensed and regulated and have a good reputation for paying winners and putting players first. Our recommendations are a great place to start because we personally check each aspect of the sites ourselves. features all the best Bingo sites in one place including free Bingo games for Australians. Anyone wanting to indulge in premium entertainment is welcome to select a site that we recommend and start playing online Bingo in Australia right now!


Can I play Bingo for real money online?

Yes, there are a number of ways to play bingo online for real money. Select a site that offers real money bingo, set up a payment option to play or to receive rewards if you win when playing bingo. Make sure that you choose a bingo site that has your preferred bingo banking option so you can receive payment when you win real money while playing bingo.

Is online Bingo legal in Australia?

Yes, bingo is legal to play in Australia. Whether you're playing for fun, or playing bingo for real money, online or land-based, it is completely legal to play bingo in Australia.

What’s the best Bingo site?

Through a rigorous evaluation and selection method, we have selected the best bingo sites in Australia. Our experts look for the best bingo payment options, fastest payments, best promotions and bingo bonuses, and smoothest interfaces. Stick with our online bingo Australia website recommendations and you’ll find an operator that caters to your particular preferences perfectly.

#1 Online Bingo Room in AU for July 2024
Bingo Village
5.0 rating
  • Great Weekly promotions
  • Mobile devices are supported
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • A lot of casino games to choose from
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